Sometimes it happens that you feel you want to talk to someone but you can not. You have so many people around you, it’s not that you are alone, but still, you can not talk to anyone. Sometimes you are not simply able to connect to those around you. They don’t understand you, your point of view, the way you see things sometimes seem weird to others, maybe their intellect is not on the same frequency.


But sometimes the people you love are the ones who take you for granted. You might be thinking that you are the one who does not connect, but that’s not the case at all. They are the ones who are sabotaging your life. The real manipulators.


There was a guy, my friend’s husband. He was earning well so he thought spending money on his wife is the real happiness. This does not stop here, he also thought that just because he spends well on her, he can humiliate her, not physically but psychologically. By not talking to her, not saying anything to her, not giving her the feedback on anything, not sharing anything.

You see, when you marry someone, it’s not about just the wedding day and the life afterward, the honeymoon and having kids. It’s about sharing life itself. Sharing moments together, talking about the daily stuff that one is supposed to share, talk about. It’s not only the serious matters that are worth talking but also the small stuff that keeps life going on and does not make us feel bored and depressed. But for some reason or maybe there is no reason at all, it’s just that they want to exploit the other person.



What is your point of view?

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