30 SEC READ – The Same Intellect

A couple decided to join a Gym so they were going to see what gym in the city is best for them.

While walking the guy was walking faster than the girl, leaving her behind in the dark street. The girl asked the guy: why are you walking faster than me? I am wearing heels please walk with me. The guy looked at her smiled and said oh ok.

After 2 minutes they entered the Gym. The receptionist gave them details and took them to Gym tour. While touring, the guy was looking at the people working out in the Gym. He saw girls who were obese.  The girl was, however, more interested in the machines that were placed in the gym. She was figuring out machines and workouts she could do once she joins. woman-and-man-argument

The guy sarcastically said this obese girl would be your trainer. The girl asked which one? He said that fat one, she replied but she is not the trainer. The guy was quick-tempered – he started criticizing her for not understanding his joke since the girl was on a different mental level while touring the gym, thinking about the atmosphere, machines, juice bar, sauna etc. This was not the first time he did this to her in somewhere public (gym is a public area)

This was not the first time he did this to her in front of people. She decided not to go out with him next time.

“To be with someone in a relationship, it is important to have similar intellect”