Building a Habit

It has been more than a year, that I have written any blog post. Everyone has a reason (for delaying and procrastinating, so do I :). Anyone who has been reading my posts would know my reason(s)! If you still wondering, then you can read “the new turn” on my blog. 2 years have passed, nevertheless, I am coping with it on and off…5eec79e4a848429f_467878705.xxxlarge_2x

This very day, I was feeling better so, I decided to write about something I have started recently. It is about building/ improving habits. YES! this is about trying and changing few things in my lifestyle, and to tell about the journey and experiences I have been through.

I don’t know when did it start, I never had thought about building new habits and changing my lifestyle. It just happened out of the blue. 1 January 2017 was the day and the time was 5:00 am. I decided to change few things in my day to day routine, plus it was the exemplary time of the year since it was 1st day January, the very first day of the entirely new year “2017”.

River Thames. London Eye. The starting of exciting New Year 2017


I have failed many times in life in terms of changing my habits. It only worked few weeks and I was again back at the same spot where I started from :(, unlike this time it was ideal. Point was that I jogged myself “slow and steady, win the race” repeatedly… 😀

Experts say you should change and improve your habits and lifestyle, but individually. Yet was doing it 10 at a time. I was literally being impatient. however this time it was exactly one at a time.

Here is the formula: There are so many areas that you want to change, isn’t it? And if the rule is “one at a time”; it will take forever to change all those things in all those areas, isn’t it? Well, “one at a time each area” is the technique.

My areas are Health, Lifestyle, Diet. There are hundreds of sections in these three. I decided to take it one at a time, and its still going on, and it’s going incredibly gorgeous….

To me, Health means my overall health, my BMI, and working out 3-4 days a week.

In Lifestyle, it is about my daily routine, my timetable, things I do every day, my thinking patterns, my mindset on different things and areas, the way I respond to different situations and how to deal with people around me.

Few of my favorite these days ❤

Diet, means eating healthy, eating balanced, eating organic, avoiding processed foods, eating raw veggies, eating nuts, eating 6 times a day, drinking more water, avoiding sodas and sugar.


(by the way, I am not overweight, obese, underweight or anything, it’s just I wanted to change things)

Things not changed for extended periods, become monotonous and musty, and I personally, lose interest in life. To me its imp to keep things changing and improving.

Every day is a new day, and there should be something new and invigorating every day. Otherwise, to me, it would be a stagnant water with revolting smell 😦

Health area was something I would call easy, painless, trouble-free.

Diet is still giving a bit of tough time i.e. sodas and sugar.

Veggies and fruits!


Lifestyle is the BITCH! to be honest. It drains me out, in terms of my thinking patterns and mindset. And the “people” thing is “pain in the ass” especially “DESI” trust me!!! I am still learning.

It was 40 days on an average for every habit I wanted to change. It is still the start of 2017 and I am still doing things and changing things.

The way it is:

I started and it took 40 days on Avg, then I jumped to the next habit/change while doing the previous one as well. After 40 days it felt it was all in my head….and I couldn’t stop thinking about the newly developed habit. Now if I don’t do it or I forget, I feel restless. Yet there are ups and downs to it. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up and doing something, at this point comes my Will Power, that actually forces me to stand up and take action.


Other things that happened:

When I was in the process of changing habits I experienced different symptoms like headaches, dizziness, mind fog, confusion, kind of “nothing to do” feeling but felt great at the same time, coz somewhere inside I knew I was doing some great things, I always dreamt of doing. meditation-main

It also feels like I can’t relate to others around me because they are up to different things than I am..

Their days and nights are way different from mine. When I am up, they are asleep. However, I do get time for myself, some quiet time, some meditation, some thinking, and brainstorming, and the journey and excitement continues……


Are you trying to change or improve anything area or thing in your life? Lets us know in the comment section.

What is your point of view?

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