Stuck in life ?

Sometimes it is not depression that makes you less interested in daily activities or your hobbies etc… it is something I call “being stuck” in life. There could be several reasons and everyone might come up with their own reasons, excuses, stories….

Whatever the reason is, being stuck in life feels horrible, tiring and exhausted. What happens is that you don’t feel interested in anything. There is nothing special that you want to do in life whether it’s career, hobby, daily routine, trying new things, watching movie, listing to music… life feels dull. Nothing makes you excited. Worst part is you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning even though you have things to do. You are supposed to go to work, college, daily chores at home, shopping etc. 

When I say “not feeling coming out of bed in the morning”, this exactly sounds like depression, but not necessarily. There is a thin line between being stuck and being depressed.

Depression is something like “gloomy”, something dead, no energy, feels like helpless, like a deep black hole…however being stuck doesn’t feel like a black hole, it’s more like wanting something exciting or new in life.

Reason could be – different situations and life events that actually changes the way we feel about things. Failing in some task(s) would make an individual less interested in it, rather than making effort(s) and win! and if it was your dream / vision of life that you failed at..then let me tell you, it gets a step ahead ….

If you Google “How to get unstuck in life” there would be so many things you would get, some epic information, tips & tricks, but at the end your mind gets overload with so much information and you end up doing nothing. This is again a big “Turn OFF” and we end up being lost and tired (mentally). I will not suggest to stop Googling, especially if the stuff works for you, but if you are fed up with trying things and getting no results then I have few simple solutions for this problem.

Its the connection with your inner something, that actually tells you and inspires you and motivates you is broken. Your inner (something) is either not able to communicate or you are unable to understand, whatever it is my simple solutions are:

  1. Keep in mind “doing small things everyday” would give you the “motivation” back. This is the fastest way to get your motivation back.
  2. It is good to think about something thing before you do it, but in case if you are stuck, my suggestion is “stop thinking too much” you feel like doing something (you have just 1% desire to do something) don’t think just do it…!
  3. Live in the present neither in the past nor the future. Living in past and future makes us think more and more, imagining too much and making the situations perfect in our imaginations. Just live in the present!
  4. Always “ACT ACCORDING TO THE SITUATION”. Never make decisions and plans before the time.
  5. Try new things everyday, doesn’t matter that interest you or not. You never know when a simple little task, thing, work can get you unstuck again.
  6. Take some risks to make your life interesting, it would make you feel like your life is adventurous and full of excitements and thrill
  7.  Never force situations, never try harder to make things happen, and if you don’t feel excitement in doing something then don’t over do it and don’t force yourself. Give Time “Time” and wait, you will be amazed by the decisions that Time decides for you! and at the end:


by the way I found this on the internet, it might be helpful to some of the people struggling. 

What is your point of view?

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