The New Turn….


It was 7:00 AM and I opened my eyes. A winter morning raining outside, a new day with new plans, but didn’t know God plan something else. It was 9th DEC 2014; 6 days before my mom asked me “it’s your birthday, what do you want me to buy you as a gift?” I said, “Nothing, just take care of yourself, I am fine. Switch on your Cam, I want to see you!”…she looked amazing and smiled at me. We were chatting on skype on 8th Dec and then we both went to sleep.

(There was 5 hrs difference between London and Islamabad)

On 9th at 7:00 AM I woke up and called my mom. I was still in bed and my eyes were almost close.

A man picked up the call on her mobile …..

I said ” Hi!”

He said “HI”

I though I have dialled a wrong number…I asked him “whos there?”

He said ” This lady has got an accident ! who are you to her…? we are trying to contact so many people but no one is picking….!!!!!”

I was till thinking may be its a wrong number I have ranged!

I said  “how are you, that lady is my MOM!”

He said ” I am the ambulance guy! your mom has 3 different fractures in her leg and got a very bad head injury, we have brought her to the hospital nearby, please pray for her, her condition is NOT GOOD”

I had nothing left in my life, she was everything to me. I was in London and she was in Islamabad, I am the only child. My mom was living alone.

It takes 8 hrs flight to get back to her. I knew it was going to happen. I had so many dreams before this happened.

I knew she will not be able to make it. I knew she was gone already.

Fortunately I got seat and went to Islamabad on her funeral.

..but something inside changed…! I had no tears and didn’t cry….

all of a sudden….life is different thing to me, and I cant see it the same way….

I have no feelings and no emotions inside me for anyone…..

Its a new life….lonely but much stronger inside….doesn’t matter if my mom is around me or not…because I know if she is not around one day I’m gonna be around her…..

Living alone, didn’t go back….but now have new vision..


What is your point of view?

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