relationshipI am sure its not a new thing to read, but its always new feelings when we get in to a new relationship and after a while it all comes back!!! We all go to this and yet we all are struggling. People who are done are either fed up, changed their minds or did compromises, or may be learned how to live alone. But the reality is something we all would agree that no one can live alone…

We live just once and if we were ought to live alone then why there are genders in every species ?

Look around you and everyone of us is struggling in their relationships. Guys are not happy with their girls and girls are not with boys. Husbands complain about their wives and wives claim to have the worst husband of the entire universe.

There is only one problem, and its that no one is ready to understand other. Everyone wants to be loved but do not want to give the equal amount of love back to that person, and then the materialistic things pop up. At the end one gets nothing and ruins more than one life. They all suffer but never realized anything.

There are few points one should keep in mind and heart both to survive any relationship:


  • Respect: it comes from giving it to one and you will get it back
  • Love: (For Men) Learn to love and you will get it more, (For Women) Give it as much as yo are getting it
  • Importance: Give each other importance, because if you will not give then who would?
  • Family/Loved ones: Keep both things separate. Your family members and your relatives are there but they have their own circle, start your own family and stick together since this is going to be your future.
  • Trust: Earn it and never break it
  • Arguments and discussions: Always finish every discussion and Argument before going to bed at night!


  • Never do bad jokes especially personal funny statements
  • Never get angry to your loved ones just because you were angry on someone else
  • Never use bad and harsh language
  • Never say bad things just because your were angry but you did not mean it literally


  • Always reassure them that you love
  • Always be there for your loved ones
  • Always tell them where you are no matter they asked you or not!

There is no need to go in details  because relationships should be simple. Keep them simple and your live will be worth living.

We live once so LIVE and ENJOY each others company



What is your point of view?

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