Parents Experiences & Kid’s Life

Sorry for publishing it too late – had a busy schedule

All of us face hard times in our lives, once or twice but we do go through it. We can not deny the fact that all of need some support in life. This support could be our friends, teachers, siblings, relatives and of course parents.

Today this is about Parents. Have you ever though – when you were sad, lonely and lost ;you did not know what to do next and one of your parent or grand parent came to you and asked “what happened kid?” Well this was the first step towards the solution of your very own and tiny problem.

We have always heard in University and College  “take help from seniors”, always went to seniors to know more about past papers, exams to know how a particular teacher is like, how one is going to teach us, teachers personality, to know about the instructor etc. We always go to someone who has been somewhere we currently want to be at, someone who has experiences! We need driving instructor when to learn driving, we need teachers for each subject since they are expert, we need elders to tell us stories and experience about life and this list obviously goes on….

Parents are assets for those who have them in their life. Parents have those precious thing we call EXPERIENCE. They have spend their whole life in solving problems not once but so many times.

You would be thinking where is this article going? here it goes then:

  • Parents have experiences about life, death, tragedies, financial problems, poverty, hardship, health almost everything.
  • They are in their 50’s, 60’s or may be beyond. They have obviously seen and understood a lot.
  • They know the situation we are in, since they have been through it. 
  • They know how to solve thing since they have done it trillion times
  • They have sort of intuition about what is going to happen, consequences and all. 
  • They can help us emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially etc in almost everything we face in our lives.
  • Educated parents are an asset. they can tell their child and guide about life, stages of life. One never get dragged & trapped while having one of the parent. 
  • Children can know what is best for them before the actual time has come.
  • Children can know how to manage things at home, at school and how to responsible since parents are an example for them in everyday routine.

Parents can help their children by sharing their own personal experiences. This can not only give them support but it would definitely provide them courage, motivation, belief, hope to move on and so much more…

Their experiences are not only a HELP but they are sort of ENERGY to children.

Start sharing your Life Experiences  about education, exams, health, picnics, festivals and everything a child needs to get inspired, motivated and courageous.


One thought on “Parents Experiences & Kid’s Life

  1. Kazim

    very inspiring article. anyone who is struggling in life..seeking guidance..facing hard times in life can get motivation from this article… Always seek advice from your parents because it is the most sincere advice you can ever get from anyone!

    ♥♥your parents are the most precious asset in this world♥♥


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