…..and you are not alone!

It is to explain how important it is to explain things to children, because there is a time when a grown up child regrets what he has done in past and no one ever stopped him, no one explained him….

A 27 years old adult forced us to call him a KID since he is still not capable of decision making and taking things seriously that should be taken certainly. It made us confuse and nervous about his habits, gestures and even words coming out of his mouth every single day.

After asking and investigating it was revealed that their was a problem that went through him in his childhood! To cut the story short parents, their behaviors with child and most importantly the Discrimination they bring among siblings play major part in upbringing of any child on the planet whether it is a human child or for any other species.

Pondering over other defects and faults in that 28 year old kid brought us some real concerns. We came through some really important points that were never ever known by us especially me, before.

Parents and their education is the foremost thing when it comes to upbringing of the child. It is not the education we get in school and universities we are talking here but it is the grooming, showing the right path, way of explaining things to child, giving him proper time and helping him becoming an organized person is all what it takes to be called as a Good Parent. Moreover it is about what discipline and what moral values we teach them.

This 28 year old kid is very good in faking thing, smart in telling lies and an excellent person to fake things. It was reveled by the kid that he started doing all this at the age of 11. The time we he was 18 he was in to drugs! At the age of 20 he dropped out from his collage and was no more interested in perusing his educational goals-  By the time he was 27 he completed his 10 years of Tobacco Smoking alone! The shocking fact was no one ever stopped him from doing all that in past 10 years. Not being an orphan, having parents in home and belonging to a good family no one ever tried to explain him and stop him.

By looking at the tears coming out from his eyes explained things to us he was not able to…

He is not the only child on earth who has experienced all this. There are millions of other out their.


2 thoughts on “…..and you are not alone!

  1. victoria

    I would really like to follow but I do not have wordpress blog…:/
    Keep writing such topics..these are close to reality and we mostly see fictions these days. I wonder why ppl get distracted and focus more on fiction and fake things!…..!!!!!!!!


  2. victoria

    I liked your blog. some really interesting stuff on your page. keep up the good work. this blog really motivates me a lot!


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